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Our Institute of Aesthetic and Medical Cosmetics “Pelle d’Oro” offers unique and highly effective treatments in every area of beauty .

With the most modern treatment techniques, our latest generation equipment and our many years of experience, we ensure the best possible treatment results to always keep you fully satisfied

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VelaShape Cellulite Treatment


Finally! A treatment with quickly visible results.

VelaShape is one of the best cellulite treatments, with which you can achieve good results within a short period of time. The unique effectiveness of this new generation of devices results from the combination of radiofrequency, infrared and vacuum massage, which is applied directly to the fat cells.

Radiofrequency current generates the necessary deep heat of up to 15 mm and melts the fat cells. Infrared and vacuum massages increase the blood circulation and additionally tighten the tissues.

The fat metabolism is increased, the lymph flow improved and the fat chambers smaller. This reduces the body circumference and cellulite sustainably.

There are many causes for weak connective tissue and the development of cellulite (so-called “orange peel skin”), some of them are:

– genetically determined
– lack of exercise
– artificial hormones
– improper overeating
– the female hormonal balance
– food toxins

Treatment with VelaShape is pleasant – like a warm deep tissue massage – and after just a few sessions you will see visible results.

A cure includes ten treatments of 30-50 minutes each, depending on the number of treatment zones. In order to maintain the result, it is recommended to carry out the treatment 1-2 times a year.


– Tightening the skin and reducing the size of the abdomen,
buttocks and thighs
– Improvement of stretch marks
– The skin surface becomes smoother and firmer
– After-treatment of liposuction
– Cellulite Treatments


VelaShape Cellulite Treatment

10 x 50 Minutes 1'198 CHF
10 x 25 Minutes 648 CHF
5 x 50 Minutes 648 CHF
5 x 20 Minutes 397 CHF


Micro-Needling from Hollywood

With micro-needling, the problem skin is treated with a Dermaroller which is covered with very fine, short needles.

When piercing the uppermost skin layer, the epidermis, they irritate certain receptors in our skin – the skin is thereby protected from faked injury.

In order to repair the skin as quickly as possible, more collagen and elastin are released. The skin appears firmer, younger and fresher after the first treatment.

After the treatment, the skin has an increased absorption capacity and the corresponding cocktails penetrate deeper into the tissue.

Micro-Needling from Hollywood

Duration/Price: 1 Hour/ CHF 138.–

Radio frequency

Radio frequency with LED and electrophoresis


The first device with the intelligent subcutaneous introduction of active substances.

Radiofrequency is used in particular for skin tightening and collagen regeneration. The radiofrequency causes a warming of the middle and deeper skin layers.

This heating causes the collagen fibres to contract and thus tightens and lifts the skin. The skin thus produces more collagen and elastin, which supports the regeneration processes.

Radio frequency with LED and electrophoresis

Duration/Price: 1 Hour 20 Min / CHF 140.–

Brazilian Waxing

The Best Brazilian Waxing

Depilation / hair removal according to Brazilian Waxing method is our strength.

In our studio you will find the Best Waxing and the professional removal of body hair with warm wax in the intimate area and whole body.

The Best Brazilian Waxing


Leg incl. knee 40.-
Whole legs 70.-
Bikini from 25.- to 70.-
Arm, forearm 30.-
Whole arm 40.-
Armpit 20.-
Upper lip 10.-
Chin 10.-

Men (CHF)

Back 59.-
Shoulder 30.-
Chest 40.-
Chest with belly 62.-
Whole legs 86.-
Genital area 89.-
Whole arm 48.-

Easy Peel

Easy Peel (Microdermabrasion)

Microdermabrasion with pure herbs.

Natural cream exfoliation as a healthy and natural alternative. for intensive microdermabrasion

For first wrinkles, acne, fine scars and over pigmented skin (age spots)

Easy Peel (Microdermabrasion)

Duration/Price: Depending on the treatment

Body wrapping

American body wrapping

Original method for figure tuning: Body wrapping is a combination of aromatherapy and compression bandaging. The aim of the treatment is to stimulate blood circulation in the tissue and lymph circulation.

Body Wrapping: This method optimizes the tissue structure by compressing and draining the fat cells. The thermal effect of the high-tech foil stimulates the metabolism with the active ingredients introduced from the creams.

The active ingredients penetrate deep into the tissues, which enhances the effect of the treatment. Our method shows results that were unthinkable a few years ago.

Already after the first treatment you will achieve visible results.

American Body Wrapping

Price: Depending on the treatment


Tinting and plucking eyebrows and tinting eyelashes

More glamour in your brows and eyelashes

Many women wish for beautiful, thick and dark eyelashes. We can help you by tinting lighter lashes.

The eyelashes look fuller and therefore the eye has a beautiful frame.

Tinting and plucking eyebrows and tinting eyelashes

Brow tinting and plucking 40 CHF
Reshape eyebrows 34 CHF
Eyebrow tinting 20 CHF
Eyebrow correction 20 CHF
Eyelash tinting 25 CHF

Acne Treatment

Deep cleansing and acne treatment

During a deep cleansing (facial treatment) the focus is on the deep cleansing and the moisture build-up of the skin.

The following exfoliation and the clay cleansing mask supply the skin with minerals and soothes possible redness. The overall appearance improves immediately.

Your skin gains in purity and freshness, the complexion is refined, Redness and impurities are alleviated, and you feel cleansed.

The treatments are very individual and tailored to your skin type and skin condition coordinated.

Deep cleansing and acne treatment

Duration/Price: 1 Hour / CHF 108.–


Paraffin face mask

With ampoule for face, neck and décolleté.

The paraffin facial mask is suitable for dry, stressed skin types and serves to store moisture and increase the absorption of active ingredients.

After application of the paraffin mask, an occlusive effect, also known as stasis heat, occurs. The horny layer swells up, the pores open so that the previously applied active ingredients can penetrate intensively into the skin.

The skin functions are stimulated, and blood circulation is stimulated. The tissue is purified in a natural way. The skin is smoothed, soft and supple.

Paraffin face mask

Duration/Price: 1 hour 20 Min / CHF 138.–

Fruit acid

Fruit acid treatment

During the fruit acid treatment, the dead cell layers of the skin are removed and thus the renewal process of the skin is stimulated. The fruit acid peeling is also effective against acne and pimples.

Pigment spots are reduced, the structure of the skin becomes smooth and the pores are refined. Tailored to your skin type, a superficial, fine peeling of the skin with a natural fruit acid or a glycolic acid.

Fruit acid treatment

Duration/Price: 40 min / CHF 98